February 14th, 2005

Dancing Gir

"You can't take the sky from me"

I'll play catch-up with the posting later, but for now I want to share just a bit of our weekend.

The Smoosh went camping near Fort DeSoto. No, not camping as in "hide in the corner of the map with the sniper rifle and pick off 'bots", honest-to-goodness camping in The Big Room, with a tent and a fire and all that.

Okay, being the geeks that we are we also brought along more computing power than existed on the entire planet on the day I was born, enough artificial light to illuminate a city block, and the Firefly DVD box set.

Quick side note: to all those who raved about Firefly and said that we absolutely needed to watch it, you are so right! We never doubted it, but damn- this show is gorram shiny! Furthermore, we've come to the realization that the most fitting environment to watch it is on a high-tech laptop, huddled around a campfire. It certainly captures the theme of the show nicely.

Our main objectives were to visit the fort and take "interesting" pix of Janet. Well, we never made it to the fort and didn't take a single photo, but I don't think any of us are in any position to complain.

A few lessons learned:

* Laptops attract nature. This is not a good thing. Nature bad.

* I love redheadlass just a little bit more now, for reasons which are clear to the Smoosh and everyone who was within earshot of our tent last night. ;-) Damn, you are awesome, and really should've considered passing around a tip jar. ;-)

* Fresh, raw sugar snap peas are your crunchy tasty healthy friend!

* Horseradish pickles are your friend too, but NOT IF YOU EAT THE WHOLE DAMN JAR OF THEM!

* Raccoons are bold little curs!

* Even in Florida, it can get COLD at night when you're sleeping outdoors! Bundling and snuggling are requirements, so this is not necessarily a bad thing. :-)

After getting back to the world, zensidhe and redheadlass took Trogdor to puppy training while femetal and I got ready for the evening. We all met up, laid about for a few hours, and headed out to Bon Appetit in Clearwater for an early Valentine's Day dinner. Cards and hugs were exchanged, our waiter's name was cursed, and eventually yummy-delicious food was eaten.

After dinner we returned to M&J's for a special pre-Valentine's "raping" of Kim.

All in all a damn fine weekend! :-)
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