December 31st, 2004

Ninja Burger Animated

Night of a Billion Zillion Ninjas!

Well, tomorrow is the Double Birthday/New Year's Eve Party/Ninja Massacre at zensidhe and redheadlass's place.

It promises to be fun, if a bit confusing. There'll likely be some Tiberian Sun before the party proper begins. Then it'll be cheesy ninja costumes, ninja movies, ninaburgers, Ninja Burger (the game), ninja video games, a freaky little thing called "Kung Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island" that Kim picked, and shots & pints. Looks like it'll be fun.

By the way cyber_wolf_2020- a package arrived on the doorstep today, bound in rope and covered in kanji. It's addressed to both of us, but was not delivered by mail. I was able to translate it, and given what it says I think I'll let you open it. In fact, I insist. :-)
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I have nothing of worth to say on the subject of our species losing so many all at once- no profound quotes or unique insights. Frankly I can't visualize that many people, let alone that many people dying horribly all at once. I just couldn't let such a catastrophe go unrecognized.

I only hope that the death toll doesn't continue to rise, and that measures are put into place (warning systems or whatnot) to mitigate such things in the future.
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