November 5th, 2004

Dancing Gir

"Deep in the heart of Texas!"

So here I am in Plano, Texas. It's been in interesting week, most of which I've spent learning telecom stuff. I've spent the rest of the time either chatting with the Smoosh, getting lost (something at which I excel!), or playing video games at Dave & Buster's. Plano (which is just North of Dallas) is a nice town, but dammit I'm over it and want to go home! I miss the Smoosh and I miss my friends!

And now I am. I'm packing up as I write this. My flight leaves at 6:40 in the freaking morning, so my plan is to stay caffeinated, stay up, and rejoice in the knowledge that I'm not expected to go to work after I get home! I'll be having lunch with zensidhe and redheadlass, then heading to their place to collapse until everyone else gets out of work.

At some point I'll find the time to catch up on LJ, but for now here's a brief synopsis of my stance on the current hot topic: I voted for Michael Badnarik, knew he'd lose, and see Bush and Kerry as pretty much equally horrible. Life goes on.

Got a plane to catch...
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