September 25th, 2004


It's a Wonderful Life

I can't remember the last time things in general were going so well.

I'm at zensidhe and redheadlass's house, along with femetal and redheadlass's aunt Betty. mosthings1z and her husband are on the way. Mike pointed me to SomethingAwful's review of The Sims 2, and I laughed so hard I cried! Now we're watching Boondock Saints (aunt Betty's never seen it), so I'm likely to asphyxiate before dinner's ready.

Oh yes, Janet's making dinner. :-)

I went to Fetish Factory night at Club Underground last night. It rocked. The rest of the Smoosh opted out for varying reasons, so I tagged along with a great big bunch of friends. Everyone looked great, which is to say "stunning". The hotness quotient in the place was off the scale, and were it not for the Guinness I would've dehydrated from drooling. (That and vinyl clothes under a full leather trenchcoat is hot!)

Work is rocking. I could write a book about how much that particular situation has improved over the course of the last month, but I'll spare you all the boring details.

Oh, we were issued Blackberry PDAs this week, replacing my work cell phone and pager with a single, super-nifty device. It functions as a cell phone and is also tied into my work e-mail. Kick ass. (Side note- anyone know where I can download some games for this thing?)

A bunch of us went to the gun range last weekend- first time in 5 years. Much big fun!

Still bouncy-happy from Dragon*Con, but Necro is fast approaching. Yay!

anklesnake got her Alcor paperwork notarized this week, and I got to be one of the witnesses. It was almost like attending a baptism. :-) tacit, you're next!

I've only scratched the surface of everything going on, and the only down side of all of this is that I seem to have no spare time at all. That includes time to write e-mail (I'm workin' on it, my_affair!) and, unfortunately, sleep. I know I need to slow down a bit and actually get some rest or it's going to really start affecting me, but there's so much going on that I'm afraid I'm gonna miss something!

OK, dinner's ready. Gotta go.
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