September 2nd, 2004


We're off!!!

I lack the vocabulary to sufficiently convey how thrilled I am right now! The bags are packed, the truck is loaded, the Smoosh is together, and we're on the road to Dragon*Con 2004!

The last few days have been busy to say the least, with quite a bit going on all at once. Lemme sum up:

Wednesday was my first official day with Auto Finance IT (and my first day of vacation!), but I actually started working over there on Monday. We have a project that, unfortunately, requires that we touch every thin client (~300) to make configuration changes. Since I knew that I'd be out most of the week I agreed to do the majority of the first sweep.

Well, I underestimated how long it'd take, and ended up being at work until after 5 am. Suck.

Oh, we had a big thunderstorm Tuesday night, and the house took a bad electrical spike. Double suck. Ghidrah and Tak are both on UPSs, but we overlooked the coax cable. We lost the cable modem, the Linksys router, and WAN connectivity on the D-Link router/switch/WAP. Additionally, Ghidrah's NIC is toast (at least I hope it's just the NIC!), and Tak lost her NIC and FireWire ports. Oh, and the charger for my cell phone got fried.

I dunno what we're gonna do about Tak. She has an AirPort card, and we can get our spare WAP from zensidhe and redheadlass, but currently the only device set up to serve IP addresses is Gir, and he's usually not home (plus he's going back to the shop after 'Con, 'cause I've got some complaints about the repair that was done!). Anybody got a spare router?

By the way, Chris, I did end up piggybacking our neighbor's wireless connection to send some e-mail and read LJ last night. :-)

Anyway, back to `Con...

I always end up waiting until the last night to do most of my packing and preparation for `Con, resulting in the weekend starting with a severe sleep deficit. This time was to be different, and I'd planned on doing the majority of my prep on Tuesday night. Oh well...

So on Wednesday femetal and I ran all over creation picking up last-minute stuff. (alias_node was supposed to go with us, but in typical fashion decided to be a goober and stand us up.) In particular, we both needed boots, and we got 'em- big, stompfy boots (from Hot Topic)! Kim's are comfy but dead sexy, and mine are bad-ass industrial boots of doom! I also picked up yet another Invader Zim t-shirt, two Gir pillowcases, a Roman Dirge comic, and a JTHM shirt.

M&J crashed at our place last night. Again, I didn't get much sleep, `cause `Con prep is an involved process for me. I got things mostly ready last night, grabbed a couple hours of sleep, ran some final errands, bleached my hair for the 3rd time (gawdDAMN it looks good!), backed up Gir, and finished packing. I wanna attach the read/write heads from a few old hard drives to one of my gloves, but may not get them pulled out of the drives in time. :-( We'll see.

We'll be getting a hotel room outside Atlanta tonight, hopefully getting a good night's sleep (or at least a good night's something... ;-) ), and getting to `Con early on Friday. It looks like more people I know will be there than any previous Dragon*Con, which only makes it better. At the same time, however, several people with whom I've hung out or at least bumped into most years won't be there this time around. My condolences/apologies to everyone who's not able to make it- you'll be missed.

Oh, if you have my work phone number, give it a call and listen to my out-of-office voice mail message! Yes, the number is real. :-)

UPDATE: We're here! The traffic was unbelievably bad, be we arrived at about 1 pm and are checked in at the Marriott, room 232 (a couple of doors down from the Haus Boheme crew). Gonna go check in at the `Con now. Catch up with us if you're here!
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