August 30th, 2004


It Begins!

The 'Con metamorphosis has begun. I got my hair cut last week, and did the first bleaching on Saturday. redheadlass bleached zensidhe's hair at our place on the same day, so we were both freakishly blonde for tacit and anklesnake's housewarming party. I'll be bleaching it again tonight (possibly tomorrow night?) and once more on Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Other 'Con preparations are under way as well. I've made my packing list, femetal and I went to the Army surplus store to pick up a few things, and hopefully alias_node and I will be going shopping for big stompy boots on Wednesday.

It occurs to me just how well everything is going. Not just with Dragon*Con coming up, but with life as a whole. In the last month I've gone from unavoidable impending unemployment to a promotion and transfer to the group that I've been wanting to get into for the past year. The Smoosh continues to get along fabulously. I'm still giddy about Alcor. The party on Saturday was a blast (Poly Tampa on Sunday was also fun). I spent a good deal of the party talking with Keirston and catching up. I've also re-established friendly e-mail contact with Marissa, which pleases me very much. That feels like I'm suddenly free from a splinter I've had for 4 years.

Kim picked up volume 2 of Invader Zim on Saturday. Yay!!!

Officially the promotion to Auto Finance starts on Wednesday, but in actuality I'm moving my stuff over and starting work over there today. My vacation starts on Wednesday, and there's a bunch of stuff to get done before then, so I'm not gonna be bored any time soon. We'll also be rolling out some pretty nifty technologies in the coming months. John, the IT manager, is a bigger gadget-freak than I am (and a really nice guy), and I look forward to working for/with someone who's genuinely enthusiastic about technology!

And oh yeah, CON!!!
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Round Two!

[bitchrant]It's at times like this that I'm glad that I lack the capability to post photos in my LJ. I'm sitting on zensidhe and redheadlass's living room floor with a towel around my shoulders and icky-looking, smelly white goop all over my head. Kim and Janet are cuddling on the sofa, and Mike is painting his dick or something.

Alright, sorry Mike. Mike is bleaching his pubic hair so he can paint it blue, though he's afraid it'll turn green again. Sound better, bro? ;-)

I really dislike this whole hair-bleaching thing. It's uncomfortable, time-consuming, boring, and I look absurd. [/bitchrant]

On the other hand, the end result rocks! :-)
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