August 18th, 2004


Alternate Universes and Pop Cinema

I saw AVP the other night with femetal, tacit, and anklesnake, and I have a fun little theory regarding parallel universes that focusses on unlikely movies (not to be confused with my parallel universe theory based on narwhals and liver). It's total BS, but I'd like to share it anyway.

Growing up around geekdom, there were always rumors about some great movie idea that had just been officially announced. These rumors were always the "official word", yet could never be backed up with a verifiable source. These rumors were also always wrong (still waiting for the Terminator movie starring Billy Idol and Grace Jones that supposedly started filming back in `89!).

Until now, that is.

Maybe other people who'd heard the rumors grew up to make movies themselves and decided to capitalize on urban legend cinema, or maybe I've quietly slipped into a parallel universe that's much cooler and more `Con-like than the one I grew up in, but these impossible movies are actually happening.

I'm talking about movies like Freddy vs Jason and Alien vs Predator. C'mon guys, I'd been hearing that these movies "have already started filming" for over 15 years! They were the Duke Nukem' Forever of movies, yet they were actually released! And now it looks like Aeon Flux is actually gonna be a real movie, too! WTF?

I'm not complaining, mind you. I'm also not saying that these flicks are great, but does anyone else out there feel a bit of dissonance regarding this?

They say that summer movies are targeted toward guys aged 18-30, but it seems as if they're being made by guys in their early to mid 30's. I'm cool with that.
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Too much stuff- too little time

OK, bunches of little things going on here today that are conspiring to keep me away from Game Night tonight. :-(

I spent the morning collecting equipment scattered around this building so it can be picked up by the recycling company. Result: I'm sweaty and nasty today, and really ought to take a shower before I do anything social.

The house is a wreck, and I need to, at bare minimum, take out the trash and deal with the toxic chemical incident in the bedroom from this past weekend (don't ask).

I'm way behind on e-mail, both reading and sending. Time permitting I could stand to post a thing or two to LJ that I've been meaning to.

femetal and I are due for a not-so-quiet evening together. ;-) Maybe zensidhe and redheadlass will be pursuadable... ;-)

Gir's shipping box arrived this morning. If I'm gonna have him back in time for Dragon*Con I need to send him out ASAP. There's lots to do before I can box him up, though. I need to transcribe a boatload of SMS messages, inventory his hardware info, do a full backup, de-authorize iTunes, create a guest account, and remove all "sensitive" data (nekkid pix and such). That'll take a good chunk of time. I'd have Kim bring the external FW drive and do it all at Haus Boheme if the LCD was working. Of course, if the LCD was working I wouldn't be sending him off.

Hey, speaking of which, how's this for crappy luck? My work laptop has decided to follow Gir's example, and now its LCD isn't working either! Dammit! It's still under warranty, so I'll be putting in a call to HP.

If I'm able to get out of work on time I may take a quick shower and stop by Haus Boheme long enough to eat dinner and hang out and socialize for a bit, before hitting my "to do" list. I guess it depends on work.

Update: I found out that all of the technical interviews that have been done so far for the Auto Finance network admin position need to be redone (mine was yesterday). Sigh. I hate doing interviews. I should probably do some brush-up on the basics tonight. Unfortunately, this also means that the final decision may be delayed a couple of days.
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