July 26th, 2004

Dancing Gir

Date night, The Cure, and making peace

Things got off to a rocky start, but all in all it was a very good weekend.

On Friday, an hour before quitting time I was informed that I'd be "on standby" on Saturday, and might have to go into work for "a couple of hours". Saying no would've only screwed over one of my cow-orkers, so I agreed.

Friday night redheadlass and I had indian food for dinner (yum!) and went to see The Day After Tomorrow. Aside from some nifty CGI eye candy the movie surprised me by how much it sucked. No, really. The characters were largely idiots, the plot was contrived, and the "message" of the movie was both irritating and overboard to the point of annoyance. I'm glad we were able to share the hardship together- we made fun of the movie from beginning to end and enjoyed the hell out of ourselves!

The Smoosh slept together Friday night, and Saturday morning I got the inevitable phone call to go into work. Suck. On the plus side, there were only a few people there (all of whom I get along with), the work wasn't too bad, and I was out after 4 hours.

Saturday night we all went to a party at some friends' house. Much noshing and libations and hanging out with friends.

Sunday started out nice and lazy as Sundays should. Much Smooshness and being together, with some GTA Vice City thrown in. The rest of the Smoosh then went to eat and such, while I went with alias_node to see The Cure in concert. alias_node made me proud by not getting arrested at the front gate (it was touch and go for a while!). We had a great time and the concert was good (though I was a bit disappointed that they didn't play Just Like Heaven), but what stood out most for me was Keirston.

Keirston and I hadn't directly spoken with each other since she moved out last year, and our last conversations had been decidedly hostile. Seeing her there freaked me out a bit, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to make some kind of contact. We ended up having a very pleasant conversation, got caught up some (she's not moving to Orlando after all), and I took a few pics of her new tattoos. We hugged a couple of times, and I'm very happy to officially be on good terms with her. Life is too short to be ruled by trauma, and too long to leave wounds unhealed.

After the concert alias_node and I went to Waffle House, where he tried to incite an armed civil war among the employees, almost succeeded, and got splashed with water for his trouble.
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