June 28th, 2004


Cedar Point - On the way home

I'm writing this from the middle of Tennessee on Monday night, as we're on our way back from Cedar Point in Ohio. It's me, femetal, zensidhe, & redheadlass in the truck. We met Dave (old friend/coworker), Mitch (not as old friend/coworker), and Brett (one of my roommates from UF) up there and the 7 of us rode roller coasters all weekend. We had an AMAZING time! We got there Friday evening, checked into the hotel (which is on the park's property and a <5 min walk from the gate), and had time to hit the park for a few hours. In those first few hours we managed to achieve all of my objectives for the weekend, and everything else was bonus. :-)

Millennium Force (the 3rd tallest/fastest coaster in the world, and arguably the best) was as much fun as I remember from last year, and we rode it several times. It's the perfect roller coaster!

Top Thrill Dragster (THE tallest/fastest on the planet!) is indescribable. I'd seen countless videos, computer animations, etc., and had every foot of it's half-mile track committed to memory, but still wasn't prepared for the actual experience of being catapulted to 120 MPH and then flung straight up to 420 feet in just a few seconds. I ended up riding it 4 times, 2 of which were in the front seat. I can say with no hesitation that it's hands-down the most intense physical experience I've ever had while clothed. ;-)

These are just two of Cedar Point's 15 roller coasters. The park as a whole is very well run, with countless other rides, attractions, etc. We all had the time of our lives, and I only had two down points.

1) My cell phone took a dive off of Millennium Force. I filled out a claim form at lost & found, but I doubt that it'll be recovered intact, so I'm without a phone until we can secure a replacement. We've had the # temporarily suspended, though the voice mail is still functioning. I expect to have it replaced by Wednesday evening at the latest (I'm off work until Thursday).

2) I ran myself full throttle from the moment we got into Ohio until after the park closed last night, typically being the first person in our group up and the last asleep, and on both Saturday & Sunday I was there from open until at least an hour after close. Between that, sunburn (cursed daystar!), and the 20 hr drive up (during which Kim drove most of the time) I woke up sick this morning with the room spinning. I'm still not quite right, but it was absolutely worth it. The four of us expect to get to Tampa sometime Tuesday morning (Dave, Brett, & Mitch flew), and after a good day's sleep I should be fine. ;-) Kim, Mike, & Janet all work on Wednesday, but we're all off on Tuesday.

We'll be crashing when we get home (ETA 10 am), and I'll post this sometime after we wake up.
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