May 21st, 2004


Meat is Obsolete!

Dammit! So much to say- no time to write! In brief:

What the hell is wrong with my body, anyway? Surely 1.5 hrs of sleep is more than adequate, right? I mean, c'mon, I was only up until 6 am doing work via VPN (before you ask, no- I don't get overtime)! So now my body telling me that it's unhappy with me in a dozen little unpleasant biological ways. Grrrr...

Caffeine is my shephard. I shall not doze.

Speaking of Gir, my beloved metal symbiot left Tennessee yesterday with his repairs complete! Weee!!! This afternoon I'll be heading to the Apple store during lunch. I *SO* hope that the delivery people get there before I do, and that we can finally be reunited. It's now day 7 of Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth, and I'm OVER it with life without my digital counterpart! I miss him!!!

Of course, once he's back safe in my arms I'm gonna turn around and take him apart to upgrade his hard drive- a task I look forward to with excitement and more than a little trepidation. I'll post more on that later.

GREAT BIG HONKIN' WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I got both voice mail and e-mail from Jennifer Chapman with Alcor yesterday, asking about how things are going with the cryonics red tape. She's got great timing, 'cause MY INSURANCE POLICY ARRIVED YESTERDAY!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! The way the paperwork works is like this: You fill out the initial big pack of paperwork and send it to Alcor. Then they ship you a half-dozen (not kidding here) other packets of paperwork, and you've got 3 months to get blood drawn, get a life insurance policy, cross the i's, dot the t's, get it notarized, and send the results back to Alcor. Then they send you the Bracelet of Immortality (tm) and you're in (except that now you're making insurance payments for the next 65 years and membership dues to Alcor until you croak and they put you on ice).

So the only thing remaining is to finish one little packet of paperwork and send the whole mess to Alcor. Everything else is done, and I should have the last of the red tape in the mailbox by Monday. This is something that I've wanted for about 11 years, and it's now so close that I could just explode! [HAPPY DANCE!!! (see above icon)]

Or maybe it's the caffeine.

Plus it's Friday. Plus I've got the best smoosh that there is! Plus we're gonna see tacit and anklesnake tonight!

OK, now officially late for work. Must bolt now.
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