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Free Will and Criminal Justice

I'm a terrible procrastinator, but sometimes it pays off. I met kimfemetal only because I dragged my feet on filling out some pre-college housing paperwork. I met most of my college social circle as a result of being late to my Calc 1 discussion group one day. And now it's paying off again.

I've had a lengthy LJ post about free will, responsibility, and the criminal justice system floating around in my head for probably 2 years now. I've written bits and pieces here and there, but it's always gotten shelved in favor of something shinier or more pressing.

Well, now I don't have to. Someone has already written it for me, covered 99% of what I was going to say, and done so more succinctly and with greater authority than I ever could.

So if you would, please go here, read the (fairly short) article, and pretend I said it. :-D
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