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A Few Quick Dragon*Con Notes, and a Brief Update

1) There's now a habitrail between the Hilton and Marriott hotels, allowing passage between the 3 main 'con hotels without venturing out into the accursed sunlight!

2) New programming track: Steampunk & Alternative History. Sweeeeeeeet... (I'll be bringing the rocket pack costume instead of the cyberpunk costume this year.)

3) Registration has moved to the Sheraton, where they have a larger room for it. Most of the music events will be there as well.

It's 1:30 in the morning and I'm at work. Yesterday I left work at 7 am after a roughly 19 hour day. I still have hours of work ahead of me. :-( On the plus side, however, once I'm done here (probably around 5-6 am if things go according to plan), I'll be done with work until Monday the 15th!

Next week femetal and I will be in California, going to Six Flags Magic Mountain! Not coincidentally, Terminator Salvation: The Ride opened a couple of weeks ago. Win!

Life has been pretty excellent lately, but I just haven't had the time to journal any of it. Hopefully that'll change soon.

Back to work with me now...

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