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Help Your Local Cyborg Wannabe!

This is a blatant request for assistance, but it'll only take a moment.

I've located an advance screening for Terminator:Salvation that's right down the street from our place. What I don't have (yet) are passes. They're doing a drawing for them on the 13th, and entries are based on the number of clicks to this URL:

So, if you'd be so kind, please click this link. That's all you have to do. However, if you're so inclined you can also sign up to win passes to the advance screening nearest you. :-) Win/Win!

Okay, that's all for now. That also pretty much sums up 90% of my life the last month or so. Everything is revolving around Terminator (buying toys, reading books, playing 3 different online games, etc. etc. etc.), with the occasional break to hang out with awesome friends.
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