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Euphoric Slaves to The Machine...

For me at least, today could do no wrong. Today, at least peripherally, we became a tiny part of the Terminator saga.

Holy cow.

I knew that it was supposed to be today, but I still jumped out of my chair when I got the following tweet from Skynet Research:
"Skynet Research is very proud to announce our partnership with The Stone Hill Group."

This was followed shortly thereafter by this tweet from Resist Skynet:
"The Stone Hill Group, another faceless technological entity, is Skynet's new lackey."

"Faceless lackey"? WOO HOO!! THAT'S US!!! :-D

We're currently featured on the front page of both Skynet Research and Resist Or Be Terminated! The Skynet Research link just takes you straight to the video on YouTube. The Resist Or Be Terminated link, however, takes you to the front page of ROBT, where they have a marvelous breakdown of our vid:

"Got another video for you guys to look at. This one, however, was not sent back through time from Strider 3, fighting for man’s existence. Instead, what we have here is a video from yet another company representative who, in an enthusiastic daze, advocates for Skynet technologies. Yet another testimonial for the system that plots right this very second for the demise of the world.

I’m a little skeptical about this video. I mean, besides the empty facial expressions of the Skynet interviewer and the borderline euphoric demeanor of the interviewee, there’s something about this video that just irks me. I might just be overreacting. But when you’re dealing with a disingenuous entity conspiring to murder mankind, where exactly does one pass the overreaction line?

I just don’t know if, at this point in the game, any of Skynet’s actions would not have a hidden agenda. Speculation might be one of our strongest forms of defense. We all know Skynet’s not exactly the type of organization to adopt an open-access policy.

Watch this video. Listen to the bullshit brainwashing Krastel has clearly succumbed to: Skynet’s technologies will ensure that “no human intervention [is] required.” Of course. A robotics-controlled world would not function as smoothly with humans meddling in it. Human participation will be dictated until it is deemed worthless.

Anyone still undecided?"

Perfect!! Before I'd even gone to the site I'd already tweeted, IM'd, SMS'd, and e-mailed half of my address book.

I've been very, very active on the message boards, playing the skeptic on the front page and a disciple of Skynet in the in-game forum. So I had to post a comment on the front page decrying the whole thing as absurd.

Check that last link. The comments are a riot. I love how my enthusiasm has become a sign of brainwashing, and Mark's more reserved demeanor is getting him pegged as a terminator. (The funny thing is that conspiracy theorists in real life do the exact same thing!)

Please go check out the forum, but for now here (at last!) is our contribution to Skynet Research:

By the way, note the number pattern at the end. That wasn't part of the original video we submitted, but was added by the company doing the marketing campaign as a secret code. Amazingly enough, it only took about an hour for one of the people on the board to decode it! (I'm happy to report that the guy who decyphered it is on the Skynet side, and in my "squadron".)

So there you have it. Barring inclusion as a DVD extra (which I wouldn't count on, but which would cause me to happy-dance to pieces), this is our 10 minutes of fame.

Fun side note: I built the two robots but zensidhe is the one actually controlling them, in addition to playing the technician in the background. As a result, he represents 60% of the cast!

"borderline euphoric demeanor"? There's nothing borderline about it. Not today. :-D
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