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2009 - Lessons So Far

In lieu of posting an actual update on life, here's a bullet-pointy summary of valuable life lessons I've learned so far this year:

* Forget Disney. A strip club is the happiest place on Earth!
* KITTIES!!! (Yes, this is a lesson!)
* Mathematicians give the best lap dances
* Just because you've worked almost a 60 hour week on a project doesn't mean that the whole thing won't need to be undone a month later
* Do NOT operate a flamethrower in an elevator!*
* Going almost completely veggie is almost completely effortless!
* The War of the Worlds, the original 1898 novel by H.G. Wells, kicks major ass!! I completely understand how the story is still popular over a century later.
* The War of the Worlds is also the perfect foundation for a steampunk world. The red weed comes back and chokes shipping lanes, requiring greater reliance on airships. Britain is devastated but now in possession of advanced alien technology. From that point it practically writes itself.
* Bouncing around in an arena where the walls and floor are made out of trampolines is so much fun that it's totally worth feeling like I was torn into 6 pieces the next day (or three)!
* The "C" in e=mC^2 is an abbreviation of "celeritas" (pretty word!)
* Kim takes great delight in melting my brain with very large numbers (>a googol) and very small units (a quanta of time (a single unit of planck time) is called a "chronon").
* Corollary: Every time she does so I love her a little bit more.
* If you somehow played a complete game of chess every chronon since the beginning of the universe, you would not yet be even vaguely close to playing every possible chess game.
* You can't get pregnant through oral sex, however some species of fish can (and do!).
* Simple redundancy in backups is not enough. :-(
* It IS possible to eat "enough" Cinnamon Life cereal! It just requires that you consume 4 bowls in rapid succession.
* Everything is better when topless femetal is involved!
* Simply being employed is cause for celebration, even if the employment is less than ideal.
* In addition to not posting to LJ, I haven't been really doing any reading either. This sucks, as I feel so disconnected from my peeps! I hope to start rectifying that soon, but not until I'm done reading Watchmen. :-)

I hope everyone is doing wonderfully!

* Okay, I totally made that one up.
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