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Greetings, Programs!

Sorry for the short notice, but something awesome is happening tonight for anyone in the Tampa or Orlando areas! TRON is playing for one night only at the Enzian Theater in Orlando!

The movie starts at 9:30. There's a 68.71% chance I'll be going if I can get out of work in time to make it. Okay, make that 90% chance. :-) However, I probably won't have time to carpool with anyone unless you can meet up at my house beforehand. I hope to head out to the theater by 7:00.

For those who haven't been there, the Enzian is a restaurant-style theater, like the Cinema Draft House in Tampa only more upscale. The food is excellent, so there's no need to worry about eating beforehand.

Further info is available here:

Despite all of my begging and pleading with my parents, I never got to see TRON in the theater back in `82. Hopefully tomorrow/tonight I'll fix this grievous parental oversight! Anyone else up for an evening of geek joy?


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