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Okay, so now I only have one can of baby eels at my desk. I was unable to convince any of my cow-orkers to share in the wondrous meal, so the joy of baby-eel-itude was mine alone to savor.

Bottom line: Not damn bad! I'd happily eat them again even without the side benefit of freaking out my cow-orker for whom leaving the crusts on his PB&J is "edgy". This is fortuitous, as I still have one can of eels remaining. :-)

The consistency is like pasta cooked slightly al dente. They're surprisingly homogenous, with no real variations in texture or appearance throughout their little eel bodies.

The flavor brought a bit of a surprise. The oil they're packed in contains a hot pepper, so the eels themselves are spicy! Yum! I can honestly say that the worst thing about the whole experience is that I generally don't care for my food to be packed in oil. I was still peckish after I was done, and genuinely considered breaking out the other can.

Oh, they smell like eels. Once again my poor sense of smell proves to be a boon instead of a detriment! I still ate them in my white-bread cow-orker's office anyway, just to be safe. >:-)


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Nov. 13th, 2008 03:15 am (UTC)
Yet another reason to love you. :)

Let us know when you want us to go on another shopping spree for you...or come down and we'll take you!
Nov. 13th, 2008 01:27 pm (UTC)
Yes yes YES! I was talking with my mom on the phone last night and told her about the eels, which led into a discussion about the wonderful variety of delights and horrors that you guys so kindly provided to me. Mom was appalled.

I'd love to go to that store with you some time! In particular I'd like to pick up another pack of those 1,000 year eggs. As intimidating as they were initially I ended up developing an inexplicable fondness for them. Sadly, I only got to eat three of them before the other three vanished. It could have been foul play by a cow-orker, but I kind of doubt it because the eggs disappeared while The Horrible Durian remained untouched, perched threateningly in the bottom of the refrigerator and daring anyone to sniff it. So now my unholy craving for chemically defiled duck eggs goes unsatisfied... :-)
Nov. 13th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
Pick a date then...I believe your lovely wife shares our Google calendar! :)
Nov. 13th, 2008 11:23 am (UTC)

They sound a lot like squid which I eat a lot and also comes in spicy oil :)

I am glad you enjoyed them.

Take care.

Nov. 15th, 2008 08:29 pm (UTC)
Apparently, these are quite the delicacy. WHo knew? Well, besides Spain.
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