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Another rocket pack update, plus a shiny new userpic!

Last night and this morning were productive, though I still foresee a major crunch at the end. Last night I did the "welding" (liquid leading) on the second rocket. I got a blister for my troubles, but if your hands aren't bleeding then you aren't working hard enough, right? ;-)

femetal and I also browsed for pocket watches online. The experience was eye-opening. I've seen some handsome pocket watches before, but since my interest in retro technology is generally limited to computing machines I'd never given them much attention. Lemme tell 'ya, there are some positively beautiful timepieces out there! The really high end, scary-expensive ones flip open in both the front and the back allowing a clear view of the internal mechanism from both sides, and they're almost obscenely elegant and beautiful!

Fortunately, even within my price range for a costume piece there are some lovely specimens, and I ordered a rather nice one with visible gears. It's silver, which will likely clash with the rest of the costume somewhat, but it'll do for now.

This morning the leading was dry, so I did a bit more work on the rockets before work. My objective was to paint the insides of the nozzles black (a really quick job), but unfortunately it didn't occur to me that I should sand off the part numbers and "Made in U.S.A." that are embossed into the edge of the opening until after I'd painted the first one. Oops. I sanded them both down, repainted the first nozzle, and painted the second. Easy peasy.

I have to say, I'm loving this project and the whole idea of getting involved in some way with the steampunk genre. I've had a casual interest in it since I first read a short steampunk story waaaay back around 1990 on alt.cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is clearly "my thing", but steampunk is its more romantic, genteel cousin, and the two genres are sufficiently similar to carry much of the same appeal.
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