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It's Airships, Pirates, and Goggles!

In a stunning display of subcultural relevance, MTV actually picked up on the existence of steampunk and did a news segment that actually describes it accurately!

This is of particular interest to me right now, as my casual interest in the genre has turned into full immersion in the last week. Necronomicon is in less than two weeks, and the theme this year is steampunk. Mark (from Stone Hill) and I are working on costumes that match the theme. His, which is largely complete, is a gentleman-adventurer who explores alternate dimensions by means of piercing the aether using a mechanism of his own (mad) design. My costume is a steampunk "rocketeer"/airship captain. If all goes according to plan the rocket pack will even vent exhaust!

In typical fashion I've gotten off to a late start, and despite Mark's excellent assistance it's still going to be a crunch to get it ready by October 10th. Mark mentioned on Saturday that "we're gonna need a MONTAGE!!" (Team America reference, BTW.) That's exactly what Saturday was. Sunday was mostly femetal and I shopping for costume bits with some success, though there are some important parts that I need to get (like pants). There will be photos, of course (not of me without pants). I've been taking pix of the construction process, and even took video of a couple of the rocket tests.

It's been a lot of work, and there's still soooo much more to do, but it's also been a hell of a lot of fun. Much like my cyberpunk con costume, I expect that this will start out with a basic design and gradually evolve and improve over time.

Okay, enough distraction. I have rocket pods that need work!
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