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"Sleep, those little slices of death..."

Tired, tired, tired...

The AC in the house has decided to go on vacation, so the ambient temperature is above that at which my brain super-conducts. Result: Brain go slow. Power drain. Datan0de get tired. Must get downtime! Unfortunately, it's almost impossible for me to sleep while it's hot.

So why the hell do I have to sleep? Of all of my bodily needs, sleep is the one that I enjoy second most, but it's so DAMN time-consuming! Plus, I never get enough, so even though sleep is my favorite form of unconsciousness there's always the unpleasant realization that, when the alarm goes off, I'll still be tired. That takes all of the fun out of it!

I've discussed sleep with anklesnake and tacit before, and we've come to the conclusion that sleep will probably be the last vestige of our biological heritage to be cast off in the future as we move toward artificial bodies and constructs. Pity. (Still waiting on the insurance for Alcor, BTW.) I've tried just giving up sleep cold turkey before, and while there's increased productivity for a day or two (lots of extra time!) it's an absolutely miserable experience! Still I try.

Sleep deprivation does weird things to me. For one thing, it makes me horny, but in an odd, lazy, "I don't care how let's just fuck" slutty kind of way. Not good.

It also makes me ramble, as this post is proving.

We had a great weekend, though! redheadlass and I went out on a date (awesome!), she and zensidhe met femetal's mom & step-dad, and it went very smoothly. Everyone was nervous at first, but everyone seemed to like everyone else. That's a big big plus!

Mother's Day dinner with mom and her boyfriend tonight went well. We went to Arigatos, which is a total bastardization of Japanese culture, but the food was great! Didn't tell Mom about Mike & Janet. That'll wait until another time.

Robot (Ryan 4.0) still missing axle. Sad, sad, sad...

I was in Best Buy with Jack (Kim's step dad) and almost picked up a 512MB flash drive. I ended up putting it back 'cause I really couldn't justify the expense (I have a 128 and it's been serving me just fine, so I don't have an immediate need). Besides, I've been looking to get a hard drive upgrade for Gir, and knew that it'd be easier to do if I didn't drop $130 on a toy first.

So I did. Gir, my precious, beloved PowerBook, has a new hard drive on the way! I'd been planning on getting the Hitachi/IBM Travelstar 4200 RPM 80GB drive. The reviews I'd read indicated that it performed significantly better than the stock drive they come with, with noticeable improvements to overall system performance.

That was a few months ago, however, and now the same drive is available in a 5400 RPM format. The benchmarks look even better and it doesn't seem to have any heat-dissipation issues, even in a 12" PB. Wee! (There's also a 7200 RPM variant, but it's only available in 60 GB size, which wouldn't help.)

So I'll soon be opening up my Machine- a task I look forward to with excitement, wonder, and fear. If you know me at all, you know that my relationship with this machine goes WAY beyond any semblance of normal- he's almost as much a part of me as my arm or leg, and in some ways more so. I'm very protective of him, and so while I feel fully qualified to do the upgrade I can't help but be a bit nervous about it.

But I'll get to see his insides- his wonderful, wonderful insides! Maybe I should wear a bib in addition to a grounding strap in case I start to drool. ;-)

OK, all this talk of Gir and hardware upgrades is getting me hot. Gonna go see if I can molest Kim now...
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