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Ye Olde Brainz!!!

Courtney, don't read this one either. :-)

On the subject of zombies, I'm afraid that I have some sad news to share with you all. You see, the Sunday before last I got turned.

Edit: Now tweaked so the photos actually load!!
March 9th was "Plague Day" at the Renaissance Festival, and the coordinators had gotten together with the Deadite Empire, a local zombie club cult (what? Your home town doesn't have a zombie cult?), to arrange a zombie uprising celebration. indigofae, Makeup Mistress of Mayhem, offered to demonstrate her considerable talent at raising the dead (it was 9 am, after all) on me.

I think that she did a stunning job, and the whole process was surprisingly quick. I'd expected to have to sit still while liquid latex was painted on and then makeup was applied and tweaked, but really all that happened was she bit my arm, said "okay, you're done", and hurried us out the door. It hardly hurt at all!

Here are some pix of the results:

Getting ready to go on a raid with one of indigofae's lovely ratties!
Vermin of a feather feed together!

That hungry rennie sneer...
Looking for more than a turkey drumstick!

Awwww... Someone told 'em we were coming!
They rolled out the dead carpet!

The lovely Jessica nervously makes a "donation for the cause"!
There's plenty of yummy treats to be devoured!

Then on to our final resting place- the Drunken Wenches Pub!
All we wanna do is drink your beer!

The horde!

I swear, if I ever open a zombie bar I'm going to call it "Bar Hah". :-)

femetal and I hadn't originally planned to go to Ren Fest that weekend, but the temptation to indulge in some zombie fun was too much to pass up. Kim opted to remain among the living, but still supported the "zambah braharz". Many, many thanks to indigofae for her incredible talent and generosity. By the way Sheina, I still have a bottle of your blood. I'll save it for the next time we see you, and I promise to only take a couple of little sips (unless of course the neighbors run out of children). :-)
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