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Add THIS to my Wish List!!!

Courtesy of my_affair- home powered armor and semi-transformable cars! Go Toyota!

In other news, the long-delayed Ryan v3.0 robot finally has all of its parts, has been assembled, and is functioning! It's a little kit bot, but it's a start. This one scares the cat- later iterations will make entire nations tremble! ;-) It's pretty nifty- it has an IR sensor system to allow it to avoid walls and stalk human prey. Now I need to score a Basic Stamp 2 so I can do some real programming on the thing. After that, maybe an autocannon...

Oh, it's from a "Build Your Own Robot Kit", so I've decided to christen it "BYORK". If you've seen the video for the Bjork song "All Is Full Of Love" then you know why it's a wonderfully appropriate name for a robot. :-)
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