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Relief and Horror

Today is the last day I work this year. How awesome is that? :-)

Of course, the time off is much needed. With how busy we've been lately a lot of things have slipped to the back burner, and hopefully I'll have an opportunity to do some catching up. There's plenty of cleaning up to be done around the house, I'm over a week behind on LJ (posting, reading and commenting), and the list of things that I either need or want to get done boggles the mind.

Oh, and catching up on sleep would be nice. And sex. :-)

On an unrelated note, we went to see I Am Legend last night. The ending was somewhat hokey and forced, but the rest of the movie was so strong that it really didn't matter. Will Smith had quite a burden to carry being the only human character in most of the movie, and he did so flawlessly. The deserted New York City setting was fascinating and believable. The story did such a great job of maintaining a high level of tension that it was almost uncomfortable to watch at times, largely owing to its refusal to fall into horror clichés and worn out "jump out and say boo" tactics. You wind up wishing for a monster to jump out of the shadows just to break the tension. Very well done.


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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 23rd, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
I serve The Machine, of course! :-)

I'm the on-site support tech for a call center. It's not especially intellectually challenging, and since we got outsourced my career path is pretty limited, but otherwise it's a nice gig.

My actual duties can vary from brain dead- replacing damaged keyboards and cleaning mouse rollers- to fairly interesting- troubleshooting Citrix server issues, repairing PCs, servers, and network infrastructure within the building, hunting down spyware, and some Active Directory management. A lot of my job is really just user interaction and education, which isn't bad because my users are generally likable people (if technologically illiterate). Really I'm likely to get recruited for anything where the overlords in Plano need someone physically on site who's moderately trainable and unlikely to break stuff.

Oh, recently I took on some of the basic phone system duties (punching down phone lines and such).

I freely admit that I could probably be doing more with myself career-wise, but there are a million little perks that I'd likely have to give up. I have unmonitored internet access, mostly cool cow-orkers, a flexible schedule, attractive women walking by my window all day, and 4 weeks of vacation. I've been working for the same employer (either as a contractor or as an actual employee) for 12 years now, and have spent more waking hours at our facility than at any other place on Earth with the exception of the house I grew up in.

It's a rut, but it's a comfortable rut.
Jan. 4th, 2008 04:34 am (UTC)
Hey Slack ass! Just wanted to remind you Im watching you! make sure you punch down those phones Korectley or I will have to come down there and show you how to do it Right. Hey If White trash and that Meth head can do it, how hard can it be right? Stay at your job, I remember playing catch with u and Derek on the day I started and you were an old timer then. I have been with my current employer almost 6 years and am loving it... Can u believe it?

btw, "Low" is his best album, trash that one u are listening too. Heroes is great also....

Were is my betamax copy of the man who fell to earth....

Dave still alive? or is his head in storage already?
Jan. 7th, 2008 01:38 pm (UTC)
Hey Bill! How's my favorite former cow-orker doing? I'm glad to know that you've still got me under surveillance. It shows you care. Or something. ;-)

Dave is doing well. He's crossed the line into upper management and is rapidly advancing his career by utilizing the Molina-Montoute-Logins management model as an example of what not to do.

He's signed up for full body cryosuspension, BTW. :-P

Please let me know how to get in touch with you! I've tried praying to your old ID badge (the one with Bob Dobbs on it), but clearly you're either not hearing my pleas or you're just ignoring them. I don't even know what it is that you're doing nowadays, though if you really are "loving it" then it's clearly either illegal, immoral, or involves digging up plants with your bare hands.
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