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Flashback: Rockets and Nukes and Nerdy Looks!

Our plan for the weekend of October 27th was to go visit femetal's mom and stepdad in St. Augustine. Unfortunately, we found out at the last minute that her mom isn't feeling up to a visit, so we took advantage of our annual passes to Kennedy Space Center. I always have a wonderful time at KSC, and thoroughly enjoy geeking out around the exhibits. We rode the Shuttle Launch Experience, which was educational and fairly cool. It reminds me of Mission to Mars at EPCOT, so if you like one you'll probably enjoy the other.

We didn't have time to go to the Saturn V Center, which is a shame, but there was much, much geek joy to be had in the Rocket Garden!

Rocket Garden

We'd breezed through it in the past, but this time I got to take my time (Kim is so patient!), and even did the short guided tour. By the way, the rockets you see there aren't mock ups- they're the real deal!

Something I can't believe I missed in the past is this:

Service Arm and White Room
Kim on the Service Arm

The lovely Kim is standing on the Apollo service arm- the actual top of the launch gantry and white room where every astronaut who walked on the moon boarded their spacecraft. Note to self: next time I want to make a point of making out with Kim in the white room. Think of the geek cred!! 8-)

There was a lot more to our relatively brief visit, but you get the idea. I love the place dearly, and am continually amazed by just how much there is to do and see there! We've been there several times, and there are still exhibits that we haven't seen.

On the way back, Kim and I were discussing our tastes in pornographic photography (what else would we be talking about?) when I glanced to the right and was startled to see... a nuclear reactor! I've seen nuke cooling towers before, but it was startling to suddenly see it right there. :-) Sadly it had disappeared behind trees before I could get the camera out and snap a good photo. (Kim sez it was Sanford.)

Damn fine day overall! If you have an interest in the space program I highly recommend KSC! It's a real treat, and one of the things I like best about living in Florida.

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