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It's that time of year again! December 5th is the official Day of the Ninja! In honor of this major event I came to work dressed in full ninja regalia. Don't believe me? Check out this pic of me sitting at my desk, hard at work:

That's some hard core stealth right there! In fact, I realized after I'd taken the pic that there are actually 4 real ninjas hiding in there! Can you find them? (Hint: No, you can't.)

I've also got my Ninja Attack weapon at the ready, and have been keeping a mini ninja (a "minja") in my pocket all day in case some pirate tries to throw down.

This actually brings up two points that I'd like to briefly make in honor of today relating to minjas and pirates:

1) Just a quick reality check here. You all DO realize that there's no such thing as snow, right? Snowflakes are actually tiny ice shurikens manufactured by little arctic minjas, and as someone who grew up in central New Yor let me tell you- boy are they industrious! As a corollary, the etymology of "snowman" dates back to an archaic ninja word meaning "armory" or "weapons stockpile". Also, the original title of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" was "Walking Through a Ninja Battlefield". I'll admit that the revised title makes better use of alliteration, but the original lyrics were MUCH more interesting!

2) Pirates... what can I say? With all due respect for the poor deluded pirate fans who read my LJ, the recent popularity of pirates just makes no sense! It's no different than if, in 150 years, people make movies with romanticized depictions of carjackers. Pretty absurd when you look at it that way, isn't it? At least carjackers' gold teeth aren't as gag-inducing as looking at Johnny Dep's grimy maw.

Remember, kids: It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes just a single ninja to raze a village! :-D
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