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Good weekend

It hasn't been a momentous weekend, but it has been a good one.

It started with me raping Kim yesterday morning, as all good weekends should. The rest of the day was a combination of futzing around on the 'net, many and varied video games (including us both playing some DDR, and me playing Wii Sports Boxing), dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, grocery shopping, and getting a surprising amount of productive stuff done around the house (which was and is desperately needed!).

Memorable quote from Kim while at the grocery store: "A week from right now you'll be drunk!" She's almost certainly right.

Today has been a mixed bag of little joys. I threatened Kim's neck with a drill bit a la the Gom Jabbar before we settled down to watch a DVD. I was in the mood to watch sci-fi, so Kim put in Gone With The Wind, thus patching a hole in my cultural general knowledge (+2 points to Blend With Human Society). It's a long movie and we paused it frequently, so it took up most of the day.

A few observations:
* For a movie with no ninjas, it's not damn bad.
* Vivien Leigh was quite the hottie! She reminds me a lot of Misty Mundae, particularly in the eyes. :-)
* How Rhett Butler managed to make it through the entire movie without uttering the words "Am I gonna have to choke a bitch?" is totally beyond me. ;-)
* I may very well be the only person on Earth whose first viewing of GWTW included playing a game of Dig Dug. I'm rather proud of that.

I also, at long last, finished going through all 182 photos of the Creation Museum that someone kindly posted on Flickr. It's thorough, and the captions and comments are a hoot.

Oh, and if you're interested in the Creation Museum, here's a fantastic and funny write-up that uses the word "horseshit" more than I've ever seen in print before.

If you're not interested in the Creation Museum, you still simply must check out the LOLcats photo thread based on it. Double-plus hi-larious!

I'll close now. We're watching Fido and I need to go find some milk to squirt out of my nose. It's got Carrie Ann Moss, zombies, and school kids singing "In the brain and not the chest! Head shots are the very best!" What's not to love?

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