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Good Day

Today was a good day. I was at work far too late, but got a ton of stuff done. Kim was off work, so we got to have lunch together. Best of all, in completely unrelated incidents, two sexy women sent me nude cameraphone pics of themselves today! Best... work day... EVAR! (I'll not release any names in order to protect the guilty, but since they're both on my friends list I'll just say "Thanks, and yum! It totally made my day!")

Have I ever mentioned that I'm surrounded by the best people on the planet? *bounces*

Change of topic- from the "Best Taken Out of Context" department, I present this conversation snippet with Kim from today:

Kim: "What do you think that is?"
Eric: "I don't know, but I'll bet that if you pull the exoskeleton off of it it'd be delicious!"

Side note: I occurs to me that there was a roughly 3 month span where I didn't really post anything, yet life was oh so busy and interesting! Time permitting, I'll probably make some random out-of-chronological-order posts just so that I have a record of our adventures.

Happy Friday, everyone!
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