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Rise of the Machines!

The long wait is almost over. At long last, we are entering the Age of Killer Robots!!! tacit, you are officially put on notice. :-)

Thanks to zensidhe for pointing this out to me. The conversation went something like this.
Zensidhe: Dude
Zensidhe: Check this shit out.
Datan0de: What up?!?
Zensidhe: SFW
Datan0de: Woo hoo! Terminators!
Zensidhe: yup
Datan0de: Beautiful.
Datan0de: Oh the honor of being the first human slain on the field of battle by a gun-wielding robot killing machine!
Datan0de: ;-)
Zensidhe: All they need now is an on-board computer for target identification,acquisition, and eradication.
Datan0de: Yup!!!
Zensidhe: Maybe an AI that you can beg for your life from.
Datan0de: I wonder if it eats old people's medicine for fuel?
Zensidhe: before being coldly cut down by gunfire.
Zensidhe: LOL
Datan0de: Stop it- you're turning me on!
Datan0de: ;-)
Zensidhe: :-D
Datan0de: One day... one day "Murdered by Robots" will surpass "Natural Causes"!
Zensidhe: And what a beautiful day that will be.
Datan0de: Yes! And I shall dance the dance of joy!
Datan0de: My alloy feet clanging merrily on the deck plating!
Zensidhe: ahh the dance of joy.
And I will SET $SMILE = TRUE
Zensidhe: Cousin Larry...
Datan0de: :-)
Datan0de: And I will run laughter subroutines throughout the night!
Datan0de: My laughter will echo across the blasted landscape and out into the wastelands!
Datan0de: Perhaps I will set up repeaters to extend the range and reduce the possibility of my position being triangulated.
Zensidhe: LOL
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