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Walking On The Moon

I'm still awestruck, but after a few days to process it's starting to sink in that I've actually seen The Police in concert. I'd given up on that ever happening 20 years ago, so it all still seems a bit surreal.

In short it was worth the wait. I suspect it was the best concert I've ever been to, and given some of the amazing shows I've been fortunate enough to attend that's really saying something. It was the most we've ever payed for concert tickets (we got the "cheap" 'nosebleed-looking-at-the-backs-of-their-heads' tickets, not the $250 Police brutality tickets), but it was worth every penny.

I've never been to a concert where I was so familiar with the lyrics to all of the songs, which was really cool. They had new arrangements for most of the songs, which were brilliantly done and kept them fresh even though I've known the originals for most of my life. The down side was that the one time that Sting flubbed a lyric slightly at the end of Synchronicity II it was like fingernails on a chalkboard. ;-) I really hope that they come out with a live album based on this tour, because I'd love to be able to listen to the new arrangements again.

From a technical standpoint the show was dazzling. They started out strong with Message In A Bottle, and by around the fourth song (Voices Inside My Head mixed with When The World Is Running Down) they'd hit their groove and become godlike. This was the best performance by them that I've ever heard, even when compared with the studio versions and live albums. It's worth mentioning that Stewart Copeland totally stole the show during Wrapped Around Your Finger, literally jumping back and forth between the drum kit, a set of bells, and some other bells suspended above a weird xylophone-like instrument.

While they're all at the top of their game performance wise, physically it's a mixed bag. Andy Summers is the oldest of them, and while he's never played better he's definitely looking his age. Stewart Copeland is the youngest, and looks much like young Stewart Copeland only with glasses and gray hair. As compass_rose pointed out, Sting obviously signed a contract with the Devil. I've seen him perform solo three times in the last 15 years or so, and he actually looks younger now than he has before. I'm sure it's due in large part to returning to the spiky hair style of his Police days, and he's also clearly been working out.

Much of the joy of the evening was the other people who were there. We went with Scott and Suzanne, which was really a moral imperative. ;-) We also ended up sitting right in front of some Incantations people, rented binoculars from one of indigofae's friends, and to our great delight ran into compass_rose, whom we hadn't seen in years. (Welcome to my LJ, Runechild!) my_affair was in the section right below us, and while we didn't actually run into her we may as well have as she and I were sending photos and SMS messages back and forth the whole time. :-)

It's worth noting that Fiction Plane, the opening band whose lead singer is Sting's son, is pretty damn good in their own right. They're definitely worth checking out, and deserve to do well above and beyond their familial connection.

All in all it was everything I'd hoped for. The Police was the first band I ever considered "my favorite band", and getting to finally see them live was a Big Deal. The show was about 2 hours but the time seemed to fly. I could've happily stayed and listened for another couple of hours. :-D

Funny side note- there is a Wikipedia entry not just for The Police, but a separate entry for the tour itself. It includes the set list, with notes on any changes for each show. The changes for Tampa were already listed the morning after the concert. I love the Internet!

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