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Friday Randomness

* Last night as I was not sleeping I decided that the thing that I want most in the universe (aside from a pony and sweet, delicious brains of course) is a weapon that's so bad-ass that it comes with its own theme song! I don't care if it's a sword or a gun or a titanium spork with laser sights as long as an epic theme song that strikes terror into the hearts of my enemies starts playing as soon as the weapon is brought to bear! 'Course, I'd probably end up getting stuck with a weapon that had a decidedly un-epic theme song like "YMCA" or "Air on a G String".

Come to think of it, the idea of slaughtering the enemy hordes with my Spork of Doom while accompanied by soft classical music does have a certain psychotic intimidation value all its own. ;-)

* On a more serious note, Ray Kurzweil is the man. Last month he gave the keynote address at the Killer App Expo, and the video is available online. He talks a lot about his current predictions for the future- mapping the brain, human-level computers, and the life expectancy of the average person increasing at a rate of 1 year per year. More importantly, he talks about when he expects these advances to come about- all within 22 years or less. Kurzweil sounds terribly optimistic or even quixotic, but he's a brilliant guy with an impressive track record of accurately predicting technological advances.

* I ran Software Update the other night and rebooted Gir for the first time in over 40 days. He seems to handle long uptimes reasonably well. I wish I could say the same for Firefox or Safari, both of which start to choke on themselves if left running with between 60 and 100 tabs open for more than a couple of weeks. Yes, I abuse my browsers. I also know that for servers "long" uptimes are measured in years, but this is a laptop for frag's sake!

* People who write browser plug-ins that preserve the state of your tabs when the browser quits or crashes should be nominated for both sainthood and the Nobel Prize. As an aside, I recently learned that having two different plug-ins doing that same job is not being too careful!

* I just got e-mail from Apple with the word "fucking" in it. :-)

* Okay, I'll explain. I bought a song called "The Fucking Moon" from iTMS, and got the e-mail receipt. What's funny is that on iTMS they call it "The F*****g Moon", and that's what the filename is as well. Strangely enough, it doesn't have an "Explicit" tag, despite the fact that half of the song is swearing.

* [whine]My right arm hurts.[/whine]

* This whole "getting out of work more or less on time" thing rocks!

Happy Friday, all!

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