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Some random brain samplings:

* The Smoosh went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios last Saturday. We met up with some friends there and had a smashing good time. The Bill & Ted show was, as always, the most underrated part of the event, and tons of fun. One of the "scare zones" was like a post-holocaust Bartertown kind of area. Sweet! I wanted to move in!

* Related subject: much thanks to the Smoosh for not delivering me the ass kicking that I so richly deserved on the way there. Love you guys!

* We played NinjaBurger on Sunday! Much fun! If I end up at game night tonight (it conflicts with the Skinny Puppy concert, which I may or may not be attending) I hope we play again!

* Related subject: It looks like we'll be having a Ninja-themed New Years Eve/Birthday party. Why ninjas? 'Cause they're silly and make cheesy movies and kill a lot- what could be more fun?

* I'm going to Plano, TX next week! I'll be leaving at o-dark-thirty on Monday morning and getting back sometime early Friday afternoon. From a work perspective this rocks, 'cause Plano is where The Company is based, and I'll be learning to do administration on our new phone system. It sucks in, well, every other way. It means I'll be away from the rest of the Smoosh for a week, which doth suck most egregiously. Fortunately, I've verified that the hotel I'll be staying at has broadband, so I'll be able to chat and stuff.

Michael Powell, chairman of the FCC, was on a radio call-in show in San Francisco. One of the people who called in was Howard Stern, who has recently decided to take his own radio show to satellite radio in order to avoid the FCC's fascist fines. He confronted Powell about the fairness of the fines levied against Clear Channel over his show, which are the highest ever levied in the history of the FCC.

I've never listened to Stern's show, and I hate Clear Channel, but the FCC is second only to the Department of Homeland Security on my list of government asshats. I don't know if Stern's allegation that Powell got his job because he's Colin Powell's son are true or not, but I do know that he's dead-on correct about the FCC effectively declaring war on the 1st Amendment. Rock on, Howard.

* From our friends at CNN: Israeli army officer accused of repeatedly shooting a 13-year-old Pakistani girl to death. I don't mean to seem insensitive to atrocity, but how do you shoot someone to death repeatedly?

* GTA:San Andreas hit store shelves on Tuesday. I'm happy to say that I got my copy on Monday. From a technical standpoint the game is an evolutionary progression from the previous games in the series, including features like a basic RPG-like character stat system, the need/ability to eat food, more sophisticated wardrobe decisions, and (my favorite) the ability to break into random people's houses and rob 'em. B&E! Woo hoo! The game is well done, but a couple of words of caution: the language is severe- no, really! It's neither clean nor politically correct. I wouldn't even think of letting kids play this one, and I didn't bat an eye over any of the previous GTA incarnations. They've also enhanced the hand-to-hand combat system a bit, which allows for some fairly gruesome violence. (I found out mostly by accident last night that you can sneak up behind random strangers on the street and cut their throats with a knife- eew.)

* Semi-related: a bunch of my cow-orkers are hooked on Evil Genius. I haven't had a chance to play yet, but it looks veeery cool! Think "Sim Dr. Evil"- build your secret base, recruit henchmen, set ingenious traps for secret agents. It should appeal to anyone who was at the "Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow" panel at Dragon*Con. :-)

* I don't have a link right now, but there's a company taking orders for $35,000 genetically-engineered cats that are allergen-free!
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