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FPR Weekend Summary

It seems that everyone else who was at Florida Poly Retreat this weekend has already posted about it, but I feel the need to add a quick summary.

The weekend rocked. The whole weekend fraggin' rocked. It was fun, informative, and productive. The panels were great, the presenters were all top notch, the activities were a blast, and the food was excellent. Most importantly though, we got to see some wonderful people that we really only get to see at FPR nowadays, as well as meeting a few folks whom we'd previously only read about. I love the event, but the people (organizers, presenters, and attendees) are what make it special.

And, of course, the trebuchet.

A few of the more atypical highlights:

* Having the opportunity to participate in the "meet the media" discussion
* Firing a weapon designed to knock down castle walls at zensidhe, and hitting him in the foot.
* Being serolynne's bitch
* Joining forces with tacit and committing an unprovoked act of war against peaceful people (even if our attempt was so feeble that it went completely unnoticed by our would-be victims)
* Watching the aforementioned arch-nemesis very nearly set his own head on fire, and almost getting it on film
* Trading dick jokes with a guy from the former Soviet Union (it was late at night. What can I say?)
* Impromptu late night transhumanism conversations
* NES ROMs and porn! (Thanks, james_the_evil1!)
* "Special fun" (*ahem*) with my fellow smooshlings on Thursday night

By the way, extra rib-crushing hugs to merenwentari, since I now know that you read my LJ. ;-)
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