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Voir Dire Consequences

In the future, cold, emotionless robots will mete out justice to an unsuspecting humanity with ruthless efficiency. Unswayed by the mankind's pleas for mercy or temperance, all will be held up to the standards of Machine perfection, and those who fall short will be dealt with in the same compassionless manner that evolution has brought down upon all species throughout time who have failed to adapt to a superior competitor. This will be the final judgment of the human race, and justice will be served with beam weapons, spinning metal blades, and a thousand flesh-rending mechanical horrors as yet undreamt of!

For now though, there's just me.

I reported for jury duty today, represented myself honestly, and was selected for a jury. I'd considered telling them that I couldn't serve because I'm pregnant, but my more civic-minded virtues won out. The trial is expected to last one day, which to me sounds just about perfect. I get to see first hand how the criminal justice system works without it interfering with work too terribly much and without the pressure of being a defendant. Who would've thought that my first time in a courtroom wouldn't involve me being in leg irons??

The other nice thing is that while I had to report at 8-mother-fucking-o'clock this morning, tomorrow court starts at 10:00. To me that's much more reasonable!

Obviously I'm not permitted to discuss details of the case, but I can assure you all that it doesn't involve any crimes being committed by or against any robots or other machines, so there needn't be any concerns about me having any unfair bias! :-)

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