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Weekend Update

We got home late from redheadlass and zensidhe's place last night. I called the court house and found out that I do, in fact, have to report this morning. On top of needing to get up significantly early I didn't sleep well. I kept waking up afraid that I was late, and ended up giving up and getting up early.

This is probably for the best as I'm not known for being quick to get ready in the morning. (In case you've never woken up next to me or had an early engagement with me, that last sentence is funny because it's such an absurd understatement.) However, now I find myself ready to go with some time to kill before I have to leave. Time to catch up on some LJ!

BTW our weekend was really good. femetal and I had marvelous sex on Friday followed by blessed, blessed sleep. Saturday brought more sex (weeee!!) followed by Boxing and Elebits (Wii!!!). Saturday night was Date Night. Janet and I went to dinner at a not-too-shabby Chinese buffet, then built a tent in their living room out of blankets, sheets, and whatever we could find to prop them up, and finally made out while watching Steamboy. Much fun all around!

Side note- if you like anime, and the steampunk genre interests you, Steamboy is very good. It takes place in the 18th century, but has some wild and innovative steampunk tech, an engaging story, and excellent voice acting. We watched it in English, and the principle characters are done by Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, and Alfred Molina. It was maybe a bit too good, as we kept getting sidetracked from the kissing by things happening in the movie. :-)

Sunday was a nice, lazy day. We hung out, watched some TV, I did quite a bit of reading on Gir (mostly old LJ stuff), we had teh groop seks, and then watched BSG.

As far as jury duty goes, I found out that the courthouse has wi-fi, so I'm much less apprehensive. As long as OJ Simpson isn't in town it shouldn't be too bad. ;-)

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