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A Valentine's Day article for Geeks!

I can't honestly say that I fully grok what this guy is getting at, but any article which describes relationships as wiring diagrams is okay by me.

I find it amusing as hell and maybe just a wee bit disturbing that the partners in his examples are represented by resistors. No comment!

Happy V-Day to all, regardless of the configuration of your relationship circuit!


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Feb. 15th, 2007 02:37 am (UTC)
His analogy of a wiring diagram relating to time is faulty, but very amusing. If relationships really were serial in time, each one would be entirely independant of the others, so if one blew it would not affect the previous relationships (and may or may not affect subsequent ones). Perhaps three separate circuits in time would be a better analogy for serial monogamy, though the parallel circuit for polygamy does work.

Also, his choice of the word "jewels" is meant to be a pun on Joules, the unit of energy, but he's really substituting it for Watts, the unit of Power. The formulas are correct, other than that one unit error. The Wikipedia page on series and parallel circuits has some info about them, or feel free to ask me specific questions, I'm currently teaching them in one of my classes.

The point of having the people be resistors, is that they're a drain on the author's time and energy (voltage = power supply).

Meanwhile, I need to find a way to design my bird's toys in parallel so that when she destroys one part of it, the whole thing doesn't fall apart!
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