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"There was a nuclear war... a few years from now..."

femetal and I went to FX in Orlando yesterday. I was very pleasantly surprised by just how damn cool it was for a little bitty convention! We met up with our friends Scott and Dave (the one we blame everything on) there, which made it that much better. Geeky fun!

The main attractions at FX seem to be celebrity autographs and the rather impressive dealer room. We got to meet Michael Biehn (w00t!), and he autographed the Terminator print that hangs in the living room. :-) We also bought a couple of very attractive Firefly and Serenity prints, and after chatting with the artist for a while got both prints autographed by Ron Glass and Adam Baldwin. This also gave us an opportunity to briefly talk with them individually. The people associated with Firefly have a reputation for being extraordinarily nice and considerate to the fans, and I can now corroborate this first hand. :-)

There was also a Firefly panel, with Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin, and Christina Hendricks. It was small and informal and a whole lot of fun. Adam Baldwin started the panel by saying that he wanted a question that he hasn't heard before. I was ready for that! I asked them all what their favorite breakfast cereal is and why. :-) I honestly thought that question up after Dragon*Con last year and filed it in the back of my head just in case I found myself at a Serenity panel again. In case you're wondering, Adam Baldwin likes Quisp, Ron Glass likes corn flakes with rice milk, and Christina Hendricks likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

It's worth noting that as hot as Christina Hendricks is on TV, she's soooo much hotter in person! The camera really doesn't do her justice.

Oh, and after much prodding Ron Glass let slip what Shepherd Book's past is! He used to be an operative for the Alliance. No big surprise, but it's nice to have confirmation of what everyone suspected. :-)

And we spent money. Oh dear science did we spend money! Between the prints, autographs, gifts, and tons of memorabilia we probably spent more in the dealer room in one day than we have at Dragon*Con in the last few years put together. It was as glorious as it was financially crippling!

Two items of note that I picked up- both Terminator related. One was a beautiful (and heavy!) model of the ground HK from T2. The pedestal it's on features wreckage, the remains of a car, and lots and lots of skulls. It's absolutely gorgeous, and this is the first time I've seen one for sale since my very first Dragon*Con over a decade ago. I had no hope of affording it back then but have been wanting one ever since, and this one was a total steal.

The other item I bought (from the same vendor) was a computer. Lemme s'plain. Remember in T2 when John Connor uses a little pocket computer to rob an ATM, and later uses the same computer to break into the vault at Cyberdyne? It's an Atari Portfolio, vintage 1991. This particular one is the "special T2 edition", which comes with plug-in card with some T2-related programs and graphics (including the "PIN Identification Program" from the movie) as well as some practical utilities. I've researched them before and decided that if I ever found one reasonably priced I'd pick it up. And now I have! It's a nifty little thing with an 8088 processor that'll run for up to a few weeks on 3 AA batteries and runs a clone of MS-DOS. It's certainly no comparison with Gir, but it'll be fun to tinker with and I may very well end up incorporating it into my con costume. Anyone know how I can make an authentic looking label to cover the Atari Portfolio logo that says "Sino-Logic 16"?
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