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Irony for Dummies

This is just messed up.

There's a guy in Texas who wants to have Fahrenheit 451 banned from the local school library.

Read the article. It's even worse than it sounds.

He hasn't actually read the book (obviously), but he wants it banned. BTW, he submitted the request to ban Fahrenheit 451 during Banned Books Week. I swear this didn't come from the Onion.

You know, though. I think that the guy is really on to something. If the book contains material that people might find offensive then it should be banned! In fact, I'd say that just about all literature should be banned. And not just banned! It should be burned! We should have teams of government enforcers whose job it is to track down people who are hoarding books, douse their homes in kerosene, and burn 'em to the ground! We could call 'em "firemen"! That'd be great! They could make huge bonfires out of all of those offensive books that pollute people's minds. Especially Fahrenheit 451.

Someone should contact Ray Bradbury and get his perspective.
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