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The end times are drawing near!!

Of course I'm referring to the opportunity to vote for The Signal in the Podcast Awards, in the categories of "Best Produced" and "Movies & Films"!

Did I mention that you can vote once every day, and that if The Signal wins either category then that means more visibility, which means that more people will check it out, which means that more people will be introduced to Master Whedon's science fiction masterpieces, which means a better chance of Serenity getting a sequel or two? :-)

By the way, in the time it took you to read this (assuming anyone actually is!) you could've voted. It's really that quick. Go to the page, check a few radio buttons, give 'em your e-mail addy and whatever name you're going by this week, and then click one link on the confirmation e-mail they send you.

As Kaylee would say, "Easy as lying!"
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