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An epicurian I am not

Culinary question for you all:
If the instructions on the microwave kung pao tofu wrap say to wrap it in a paper towel before cooking but I don't have any paper towel handy, do you think that wrapping it in a sheet of 20 lb 8.5x11 paper will suffice?

Lunchtime roulette!

Update: Oh noes!!!! Dear God what have I done??? I scrounged up some napkins and decided to use them instead, not knowing that I was toying with Forces Man Was Not Meant To Dabble In! Unbeknownst to me, they fused into a hideous, slavering tofu wrap/napkin hybrid monster of doom! It ate right through the second sheet of paper I'd put down to keep it from sticking to the microwave and was working on digesting the oven itself when I intervened.

I tried to separate them. I really did. I worked feverishly to peel, pry, and pick at the papery parts! But like Brundle-Fly, in the end the only way to prevent further loss of life was to euthanize the poor brute.

Farewell, little tofu wrap. May you forgive the terrible injustice I've inflicted upon you, and may your short life serve as a warning to others who, in their hubris, would dare to challenge the natural order of lunch.
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