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Update Storm: Dragon*Con

I'm gonna be posting a bunch of entries pretty much all at once. Apologies in advance.

Dragon*Con: What can I say? It was Heaven on Earth (as always)! The costumes were magnificent, the panels were fascinating, and a great time was had by all. I think we had more close friends there with us this year than in previous years, which made a wonderful experience even better. tacit posted a nice update here (not entirely work friendly), and most of what I did included him, so I'm gonna cheap out and say "ditto" to his post, with just a couple of comments: 1) He only scratched the surface of a blur of a weekend 2) Is my nose really that big?

Last year at D*Con there were two different cryonics panels, both of which I attended with rapt interest. I spoke with the panelists at great length afterwards, found out that most of them are also Extropians, and mentioned that I'd had Alcor paperwork half filled out for the better part of the year. They issued me the challenge to have my bracelet by the time I returned to Con this year. Well, they remembered me this year, and as I walked into the first (again, of two) cryonics panel this year one of them immediately came up to me and asked if I'd completed the process. This pleased me very much. I showed him the bracelet and was asked to sit on the panel, to which I happily agreed. This pleased me even more. Then I realized as the panel started that one of the other people on the panel was Dr. Ralph Merkle, who's very well known and respected in both nanotech and cryonics circles (as well as being coinventor of public key cryptography). I was pretty much awestruck. The guy is as approachable and friendly as he is brilliant.

Michael Laine, CEO of the Liftport Group, held 4 panel discussions on space elevators. Again, absolutely fascinating, edge-of-your-seat stuff, and we only actually made it to one of the panels. The Smoosh missed the others because we were, uh, "smooshing". No regrets there. :-)

Leaving `Con would be a depressing experience, were it not for the fact that I still have Necronomicon to look forward to in just another month! Yay!

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